Terra Catalyst Fund Details

  • Focus Real Estate
  • Strategy Realisation
  • Currency GBP £
  • Listing AIM and CISX
  • BBG Ticker TCF LN
  • Isin KYG8761F1431
  • During the Initial Period (25 September 2012 to 25 September 2013), the Investment Manager will receive a monthly management fee equal to one twelth of 2% of the Net Asset Value and 1.5% of the gross amount of distributions paid to shareholders
  • NAV Published Monthly


About us

Terra Catalyst Fund

Terra Catalyst Fund is a closed-ended Cayman Islands registered, exempted company.

TCF has appointed Laxey Partners Ltd ('Laxey') as its Investment Manager.

Investment Objective and Business

At the Annual General Meeting of TCF held on 25 September 2012 a new investing policy was adopted:

The Company's investment objective and policy is to seek realisation of its portfolio of investments in the ordinary course of business and, subject to retaining sufficient cash to meet operating costs and liabilities, to return the net proceeds of all such realisations to Shareholders on a periodic basis, following which the Company will be wound-up. The Company will make no new investments except follow on investments required to protect the interests of the Company.

As such TCF is embarking on a change in its investment strategy such that no new investments will be made and existing investments will be realised as and when appropriate.